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Mental Health

Mental Health is a basic human right, and is not a moral issue but is instead a public health issue. Improved mental health impacts the individual, their family and their community. Montgomery Family Care wants to make mental health care more accessible.

You are not alone:


Mental Health is real and is a basic human right. Mental health is defined by the World Health Organization as the ability of an individual to deal with life stressors, to have the capacity to learn and work while contributing to their community and realizing their own capabilites. Many times when we hear the term mental health, the first thought is more related to mental health disorders rather than mental health as a condition of being. Good mental health is an individually based perception of the world, impacting our ability to make good choices, our physical health, and our ability to respond to social, environmental and economic stressors.


Recently in the US, public awareness of mental health and mental health disorders has greatly improved. However, for Kentuckians dealing with mental health, the stigma associated with a mental health diagnosis is still very prevalent. Stigma is basically defined as being seen in a negative way that can cause and individual to feel less than, or isolated. In our communities, where everybody knows everybody, fear of embarrassment for one self and their family is a common issue in accessing treatment for mental health disorders. Individuals who are diagnosed with mental health disorders often turn to family members, religious leaders, or friends. While those forms of support are helpful, mental health counseling offers a different kind of support. With counseling an individual is provided one on one time with a professional that can help someone to better understand a diagnosis, provide options for coping skills, and work to create a plan of care that is tailored to your needs.


Our state is absolutely beautiful! There is no comparison to the hills and valleys full of lush green foliage. Living in an environment with such beauty has come with a price. Due to the various geographical characteristics Eastern Kentuckians are nearly inaccessible to those who could possibly bring opportunities to impoverished areas. Our region has a road system that is winding and sparse. The roadways are often in disrepair, making it difficult for vehicles to navigate. Further impacting the problem is the lack of an easily accessible option for health care, no public transportation system, lack of employment, housing and other resources that are available to areas with better access roads. With all the barriers to success, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders become a possible outcome.


Counseling has historically been on a face to face basis within an office setting. However, with advanced technology, individuals living in isolated areas with no transportation or other challenges have the option of telehealth counseling sessions. Telehealth counseling sessions break through the barriers that have held Kentuckians back from finding support needed to succeed with having better mental health. Montgomery Family Care offers telehealth services for both mental health and substance abuse counseling services. Using telehealth, there has never been an easier way to get support in a non judgmental, patient centered environment that is always HIPPA compliant. You no longer have to struggle alone, we are just a click away! 

Elizabeth Sorrell, LPCC

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