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Mental Health and Addiction


Do you or someone you love struggle with drug addiction? Did you know that many times addiction is a result of someone trying to self-medicate for mental health issues? Mental health, such as depression, anxiety, and Bipolar, can be so debilitating that a person may try any means they can to get their symptoms under control. So many times someone will offer a “quick fix” which ultimately leads to substance abuse. Let’s talk about it for just a few minutes, as well as treatment options that can be found at Montgomery Family Care Clinic.

Depression can come in waves or one can stay depressed for months or years at a time. It can cause you to isolate, cry often or uncontrollably, just generally feel sad or unhappy, sleep all of the time, struggle to get out of bed, have a lack of motivation, and so much more. Mental health can really make a huge impact on one’s general sense of well-being. When someone is in this state of mind, they just want to feel better. They want to be happy again, to be able to function again, or just to feel normal again. Sometimes by accident or sometimes by recommendation a person may take a pill that is offered to them to help them “feel better” and it works. For the first time in forever they feel like they can function or make it through the day. It feels good. It feels normal. They want to feel good again so they take another pill and another pill and another…..and the next thing they know they HAVE to have the pill to function. They didn’t mean to get addicted; they just simply wanted to feel better again. This can be how addiction gets started. But there is treatment…..Montgomery Family Care Clinic can treat depression with medication and/or mental health therapy.

Like depression, anxiety can become debilitating. A person can allow the extreme fear of whatever it is to grow to the point that they struggle to think “straight”. They are unable to get their mind to settle down and “just stop” so they look for some way to find peace. Again, either by accident or a friend, they discover a medication that will help. Their friend continues to get the medication for them and for once in their life they can settle their mind down and they truly feel like they are able to function. They aren’t getting high, they are simply functioning.

Sadly, this is how addiction starts many times. It’s not just some “drug head” out there looking for a fun time. It is a person, much like you and me, who simply wants to function normally. It’s a person who just wants to be able to get through the day without crying, having racing thoughts, or feeling like a zombie. Addiction is not always people just looking for a good time or to get high.

Yes, sometimes that does describe addiction. And then there are times when someone has lived a hard life of abuse. They have been emotionally, physically, or sexually abused or neglected as a child. They have witnessed things that no one should witness. They can’t quit reliving those events in their dreams or day to day triggers. A song comes on the radio and they are immediately swept back to the traumatic event. A loud noise in the next room sets them on edge. It’s a life they didn’t choose to live and a life they would’ve loved to have gotten away from. But now someone has introduced them to some “stuff that will help them to forget”. Of course they want to try it. This person just wants to live a normal life and function normally like everyone else. The problem is that now this new life is costing them so much. They can’t work a steady job. They have no money for a place to live or food. They can’t maintain relationships because they put the drugs before the people. They have now found themselves in the darkness of drug addiction. It wasn’t planned. It just happened as an escape and now they are stuck.

But again, there is help at Montgomery Family Care Clinic. You can get medication to help with the addiction or whatever mental health issue that is plaguing you or your loved one. There is treatment for mental health symptoms that can and will be monitored by medical staff. There is mental health therapy by licensed professional counselors available as well at different branches of Montgomery Family Care Clinic. Both of these options can help you or your loved one to gain emotional healing and once again feel “normal” and able to function in the world without self-medicating drugs. There is help out there. If you or your loved one is trapped in the dark world of addiction, there is help. Please reach out to a medical professional at Montgomery Family Care Clinic and let them help you regain your life. Through the use of medication, counseling, and accountability, you can get your life back and start on the journey of recovery. You will be monitored closely and offered support systems to help keep you on track with your sobriety.

There is help out there if you have found yourself in addiction or feeling hopeless and frustrated in your mental health. Please reach out. The medical professionals and clinical counselors at Montgomery Family Care Clinic will be happy to help walk you through your recovery.

Rhea Caudill, LMFT

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