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Lab Services

Montgomery Family Care

Family Medicine located in Mt Sterling, KY

Testing your blood and other samples is essential for diagnostic and health monitoring processes. The highly skilled team at Montgomery Family Care in Mt Sterling, Kentucky, offers patients access to a comprehensive range of lab services, including infectious disease testing, monitoring chronic conditions like diabetes, and cancer screening. The team also has the most up-to-date COVID-19 testing device for rapid and accurate results. To find out how you can benefit from their high-quality lab services, call Montgomery Family Care today or book an appointment online.

Lab Services Q & A

What are lab services?

Lab services support the Stanton Family Clinic’s role in diagnosing what’s causing any symptoms and screening for disease.

Lab tests often involve blood draws, but other substances are also invaluable for certain tests. Depending on your symptoms, you may need to provide a urine or stool sample, or your provider might take a swab of cells or discharge fluids.

What lab services are available?

Lab services at Stanton Family Clinic include:

Infectious disease tests

Infectious diseases include everything from hepatitis C and urinary tract infections (UTIs) to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and COVID-19. 

Stanton Family Clinic uses the cutting-edge ID NOW™ COVID-19 molecular testing device, which offers accuracy close to that of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests in under 13 minutes.

Complete blood count (CBC)

A CBC is a general, broad-spectrum test of multiple health indicators. If your symptoms are vague, your provider might order a CBC to get a picture of your overall health.

Allergy testing

Allergies are a common problem, causing distressing symptoms that are sometimes life-threatening. Allergy tests determine what triggers your allergic reactions so you can manage your condition effectively.

Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP)

A CMP assesses your body’s mineral and fluid levels so your provider can evaluate your kidney and liver function.

Screening and monitoring

Lab tests often identify disorders like diabetes, thyroid disease, and high cholesterol before they cause symptoms. Regular testing is also essential when receiving treatment for these conditions and others. 

In addition, vital cancer screening tests like Pap smears (to detect cervical cancer) are available at Stanton Family Clinic.

What do lab tests involve?

The Stanton Family Clinic team makes the process of having lab tests straightforward and convenient.

Your provider gives you a container and instructions for providing urine and stool samples. If you need a cell or discharge test, they rub a cotton swab over the area. For example, your provider swabs the back of your nose or throat for COVID-19 testing and your cervix for a Pap smear.

Giving blood involves having a needle gently inserted into your arm vein. This is easier if you drink plenty before your test to ensure your blood vessels are accessible; dehydrated veins tend to be harder to access.

Some people worry about needles, so the Stanton Family Clinic team offers patients the option of applying an anesthetic cream to their arms beforehand.

For more information about lab services, call Montgomery Family Care today or book an appointment online.