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Montgomery Family Care

Family Medicine located in Mt Sterling, KY

Physicals are an essential part of your preventive health care and are often required by schools, sports teams, or licensing organizations to certify your health. The family medicine team at Montgomery Family Care offers physicals to patients in Mt Sterling, Kentucky. Call today to schedule your physical or use the online tool to book an appointment.

Physicals Q & A

Why are physicals important to me and my family?

Physicals are a time to check in with your doctor when you’re well. Your provider focuses on prevention, screening, and lifestyle education — all valuable parts of your overall health. 

Physical exams are recommended yearly for children and adults. Infants and toddlers benefit from more frequent physicals or well-child checks. 

In addition to your annual wellness exam, you may need a physical for certain pursuits, including:

  • Work or school
  • Sports play on an organized team
  • Foreign travel
  • Commercial drivers’ license requirements
  • Immigration approval


The providers at Stanton Family Clinic provide physicals for these purposes and can fill out any necessary paperwork to certify your health. 


What is involved in getting a physical?

Your provider personalizes your physical according to your needs and the reason for your visit. The physical usually begins with a review of your personal and family medical histories. You’re asked about your symptoms and lifestyle, like diet and physical activity. 

Your nurse takes your vitals, like blood pressure, height, and weight. The doctor performs a physical exam that includes an assessment of your lungs, heart, muscle tone, skin health, reflexes, and thyroid. You may also undergo a vision and hearing screening.

A physical may also include: 

  • Lab testing, including a blood draw or a urinalysis
  • Bone density screening 
  • Neurological exam 
  • Abdominal exam

Bring up any concerns about symptoms or your health during this part of the exam. Your doctor can recommend ways you can boost your health and avoid chronic disease.


When should I schedule a physical exam?

Most people benefit from an annual physical exam scheduled every 12 months. Patients who have chronic diseases like diabetes or COPD may require more frequent visits. 

You need to schedule physicals for work, school, or sports according to these organizations’ schedules. Yearly exams are usually sufficient, but your physical may need to be scheduled just before school begins, for example, or prior to a sport’s season.

If you need to schedule a physical for your personal health or to participate in a specific organization, call Montgomery Family Care today or use the online tool to schedule your visit.