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Family Medicine located in Mt Sterling, KY

If you keep missing medical appointments because of your busy schedule or limited access to transportation, it may be time to consider the benefits of telemedicine. At Montgomery Family Care in Mt Sterling, Kentucky, the skilled physicians provide comprehensive medical care through an online telemedicine platform. They can meet with you virtually no matter where you are through your smartphone, computer, or tablet, so you get the medical attention you need without delays. Call the office or book a telemedicine appointment online today.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine involves connecting with your physician through an online platform to discuss new symptoms you experience or changes in your health.

You can meet with your Stanton Family Clinic provider from the comfort of your own home, your hotel, or wherever you are through an internet connection.

While the team can’t treat all conditions using the telemedicine platform, they do offer a wide range of health care services through virtual appointments when possible.

What happens during a telemedicine appointment?

Ahead of your appointment, the Stanton Family Clinic staff pre-schedules a time for you to meet with your physician. They also provide guidance to help you connect to the online telemedicine platform through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

At your appointment time, you log into the platform and can video chat with your provider.

During your virtual chat, you have the undivided attention of your physician to discuss your symptoms and medical needs. Your provider can use telemedicine appointments to:

  • Review your symptoms
  • Evaluate your existing treatment
  • Prescribe new medications
  • Discuss lab test results
  • Provide nutritional or behavioral health counseling
  • Refer you to a specialist

The physicians can meet with you through the telemedicine platform to determine if you need to schedule an in-office visit for diagnostic testing or other medical services. They may also schedule a telemedicine appointment for follow-up care after an office visit.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Telemedicine offers convenience for people who aren’t able to travel to the office for medical care because of illness, disability, or a lack of transportation or child care.

You can also benefit from the telemedicine services available at Stanton Family Clinic if a busy schedule prevents you from following through with routine primary care visits.

If you’re limited in opportunities to get high-quality medical care because of where you live, telemedicine makes it easy to meet with the Stanton Family Clinic team when you need medical attention without traveling long distances.

Other benefits of telemedicine include:

  • No travel requirements
  • Fewer travel costs
  • Less need for child care
  • Appointment flexibility

To find out if you’re a candidate for telemedicine appointments, call Montgomery Family Care or book an appointment online today.